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Frequently Asked Questions

The Air Waybill (AWB) is the title document for commodities travelling by air and is a non-negotiable, Commercial invoice. A packing list is a list of the contents of a box that completes the details on the invoice that the sender must issue, Authorization for customs clearance.

The number of goods being transported measures the cost of an air charter service. However, the existence of physical means (transport) along your ideal path has a considerable effect. Moving goods from China, for example, is much less expensive than transporting them there. It is because shipowners are in high demand to carry freight from China to Europe, although doing so is more complicated.

Air cargo planes eliminate any geographical or terrain barriers in transporting. It is also the safest and quickest mode of logistics.

When compared to other transportation options, air shipments typically need less complicated packaging. In comparison, air freight's rapid travel times minimise the need for local warehousing, and insurance costs are minor.

Yes, we could argue that ocean freight is one of the cheapest options available for international shipments. It is roughly ten times more affordable compared to air freight. Best suited for stable supply chain requirements.

While Ocean Freight is the cheapest solution on offer, it takes months to ship your product. If you want to leverage the cost savings, it is imperative to have a well-planned supply chain with all lead time considerations sorted.

Ocean freight handles unimaginable volumes day in and day out. It is essential to ensure proper traceability of the cargo throughout shipping. Our tech systems enable just that for a safe sea freight experience.

With the evolution of the international trade and delivery-based business models, warehousing has become extremely important. We can help you store your stuff in free trade warehouse and ease your cash flow by avoiding one-time clearance.

The Procedure is on a general layer divided into two stages-Arrival of goods and methods before lodgement of goods and the Procedure for clearance of Imported Goods. Both sta11es have a lot of paperwork involved.

If they tend to include contraband or dutiable articles, letter mail articles are usually cleared by Customs during their delivery and processing. In such cases, the Letter Mail is checked further at the International Post Offices or sub-Foreign Post Offices, as appropriate.

The term BULK refers to dry cargoes such as iron ore, grain, coal, alumina, and phosphorus that are transported in bulk and loaded directly in the holds of the ship. BREAK BULK refers to transactions in which cargoes are transported in unitized form, such as palletized, bagged, strapped, wrapped, drummed, and crated, as well as non-unitized general cargo.

Warehousing is the process of storing goods which are to be distributed later. A warehouse is defined as any place which is used in the accumulation of goods.

  • Name and Address of the Insured
  • Commodity
  • Packaging Information
  • Mode ofTransit (By Rail/Road/Air/Sea/Courier/Post)
  • Voyage From and To
  • Sum Insured (Invoice Value)
  • Basis of Valuation (Invoice Terms)
  • Copy of Invoice.

We provide you with reports such as Ageing reports, Inventory reports, Transaction reports and important documentation.

We understand the importance of reliable and efficient cargo shipping to keep your business moving forward. 

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